EMERGENCY services and Heathrow Airport carried out a two-day exercise that included a staged chemical, biological, radioactive nuclear incident last week at the Heathrow Express rail hub.

In addition to the live play exercise, a table-top version, to test readiness, decision-making and skill levels, was run on Tuesday this week at Polar Park police station, Heathrow.

The exercise was not in response to any specific intelligence or threat.

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Chief Supt Dawn Morris, of the Met Police, said: “This is the first time we have been able to carry out a live exercise inside an airport rail connection hub and the experience and learning gained from this is invaluable.”

The scenario involved police, fire and ambulance staff responding together when a biological substance was released aboard a train inbound to Heathrow.

Volunteers and colleagues who work at the airport took part in the command and control element of Exercise Gator.