Cyclists could be officially allowed to use their local parks as the council seeks to revoke a byelaw that currently prevents them from doing so.

Brent Council has launched a public consultation into the 1977 measure, which prohibits cycling in 57 parks and open spaces in the borough.

It hopes to see the byelaw revoked as part of its plan to promote sustainable transport and encourage healthier living.

Cllr Krupa Sheth, responsible for the environment at Brent Council, said: “We are working hard to make Brent a borough that is accessible for all and look to encourage more environmentally-friendly modes of transport such as cycling, and that means making it easier and safer for cyclists to get around in the borough.

“We’re keen to get people’s views on this bye-law, which if revoked, would bring Brent in line with neighbouring boroughs who allow cycling in parks, with all parks assessed and any necessary safety measures put in place.”

These measures include the introduction of a 5mph speed limit, and signs to identify areas where cycling will still be prohibited, such as on narrow paths, entrances, and in playgrounds or outdoor gyms.

According to the council, the move would support its current cycle strategy, which aims to “make Brent a borough where everyone can cycle safely, in comfort and with confidence, and to enable people of all ages and abilities from every section of our diverse community to see cycling as a good option for everyday travel”.

It noted it is also in line with its borough plan, long-term transport strategy and air quality action plan.

The consultation runs until July 31. Residents can fill in a survey online or send their written views to ‘Highways and Infrastructure’ at Brent Civic Centre.