Two leaseholders' “heavy handed” actions could cause a much-loved bowls club to close, club members said.

Members of the Pavillion Bowls Club were outraged after newly erected fencing at the site restricted access to their ground.

It is stopping members accessing the car park, located outside the Pavillion at South Oxhey.

As a result, they are having to take a longer route to the club site, by parking elsewhere and then walking with all their equipment, Cllr Sara Bedford, leader of Three Rivers District Council said.

According to Companies House, the leaseholders for the land are Sanjiv and Sunil Jayantilal Kotecha.

Ann Cox, captain of the bowls club, warned the green keeper could struggle to get to the site, meaning the “bowls club may not survive as it is”.

She said: “We are annoyed that someone could do this to us.

“The bowls club has been here for many years. We are essentially snookered by this situation.”

The freehold of the land belongs to Three Rivers District Council, which said it is important the facilities in the Pavillion are kept open so residents can enjoy them.

But the council said it has limited powers in dealing with the situation and that most of the power belongs to Bromley Council.

Leader of Three Rivers, Sara Bedford, said the council is taking the matter seriously.

She said: “In my opinion, the leaseholder is behaving in a particularly unneighbourly manner. His actions are at best heavy handed, especially when compared to previous landlords, who have taken a community-spirited attitude to the use of the car park by community groups and sports clubs.

“The council is looking carefully at what it can best do to support the users of the bowling green, the scouts and other users of the area and will respond appropriately.”

Keith Martin, ward councillor for Oxhey Hall and Hayling, felt the fences would impact the scouts in the Pavillion since it would force children to walk a longer route.

He said: “Instead of people being able to park close to and walk through the alleyway, they would be impeded in doing that.

“If any of those children have a disability, that would not help.”

Bromley Council, Sanjiv and Sunil Kotecha have been approached for comment.