The opinions expressed by William Carre, in his letter published on July 26 (Divisive parking survey), are not shared by all Oxhey Village residents.

The parking survey was open to all residents, thus the whole community was involved. I didn’t find the questions about parking emotive at all, and, as a resident living with the issue, and able to visit the council website, I am fully aware of the facts. Surely Mr Carre isn’t suggesting that people living outside the proposed controlled parking zone should be consulted about the terms of the controls?

I do agree that implementing controlled parking zones could affect streets outside these zones, and I imagine that Mr Carre would have made this a consideration when responding to the survey. If the impact is unacceptable I would expect that the residents would be consulted in the future as to whether they would like parking controls. The latest parking survey was an example of revisiting the issue because residents wanted something done about parking.

It’s not an easy issue, and we all have to live with increased demands for street parking in an area that was built before we all had cars. However, I have not seen any evidence that the councillors have any agenda apart from finding out what residents want and implementing a solution.

Chris Roberts

Field Road, Oxhey