A pub with ambitions to be “more family-friendly” is at risk of losing its licence after a review by environmental health teams.

The Maya Pub, in Shaftesbury Avenue, Harrow, was brought before Harrow Council’s licensing panel to review its conditions.

Environmental health officer John Rattray explained there were “serious concerns” about the management of the pub in terms of causing public nuisance, ensuring public safety and preventing crime and disorder.

He outlined a several complaints against the pub relating to late-night noise, as well as several incidents where the police were called, including one where an officer was assaulted.

“There’s been a series of continual challenges and issues relating to the management of this premises,” he said.

“We are disappointed by the loss of vision – officers have been very open with their advice and their general concerns.

“We remain disillusioned and our confidence has been affected by a seeming disregard to our approaches.”

He suggested that the pub’s licence be revoked or, at the very least, have new conditions put in place and its licensing hours reduced.

Representatives from the Metropolitan Police supported the environmental health teams who said the pub had been given “ample opportunity to show that it can work in a responsible way”.

Licensing officer PC Beresford said adding new conditions would be inappropriate since she did not have confidence management would be able to uphold them.

“They have failed in their duties to contribute positively to the area in which they work,” she said.

The pub’s management team said it was happy to work with most of the new conditions – including the introduction of an ID scanner and additional training – but that a reduction in hours would greatly hamper the business.

It added it intends to appeal to a more family-orientated audience through a new Nepalese menu and a Sunday roast offering.

The pub can currently serve alcohol until 1am on Friday and Saturday nights, 11.30pm on Wednesday and Thursday and 11pm on Monday and Tuesday.

Environmental health officers suggested these be reduced to 10.30pm Sunday to Thursday and 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

Duncan Craig, representing the pub, suggested a reduction in hours would be inappropriate and called on the panel to give the pub another chance.

He said: “They fully understand the position they are in and, if they find themselves before you again, things will be very different.

“The [current] hours are relatively modest, and they deserve the opportunity to work within the new conditions.”

Harrow Council will make a decision on the application within five working days.