A charity which works with children with special needs has thanked everyone who helped raise money for a new van.

Watford-based Playskill now have an easy way of transporting equipment across to different groups they work with.

Supporters of the charity raised £5,000 towards the van with the rest of the funds provided by the West Herts Charity Trust.

Andrea Clarke, founder and director of Playskill, said: "It was a wonderful surprise to receive the phone call letting me know that our new van was ready for collection. Thanks to the West Herts Charity Trust, the transportation of the vital equipment we need each session will be so much easier and safer.

"I cannot express how thankful we are to all those who made this happen for Playskill. Our groups are often a lifeline for parents living with the many challenges having a child with physical needs or delay can bring, and being able to see the specialist equipment in use and understand the benefits to their child is brilliant."