Amidst the noise and confusion of the end-of-term summer euphoria, something profound happened and Watford became the latest town to declare a ‘Climate Change Emergency’.

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The motion, put forward by Lib Dem councillor Ian Stotesbury and seconded by Labour councillor Nigel Bell commits the town to reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2030.

The deafening cries of the climate are becoming louder and louder. Recently, on the front page lead article in the Daily Mirror, there is more gaping evidence of climate meltdown: photos of bathers basking in tropical temperatures. Yet this isn’t Greece - it’s Greenland - just a few hundred miles from the Arctic circle.

It’s not clear how the quest for zero carbon will be embodied as yet. Because finger in the air pledges are meant well but carbon isn’t going to reduce drastically without drastic action at ground level.

More electric car charging points are desirable, but realistically, how many people are going to switch to electric? And could the grid - which is creaking as it is - even cope with it if the country goes electric?

And great as electric cars are (for sure they are an improvement on petrol and diesel engines) they still consume vast amounts of energy. In the 21st century is it really viable for every Tom Dick to be fuming away stuck in traffic or chugging about in a tonne heavy block of metal?

No. The motorcar concept - just one step on from everyone going about in their own carriage - has had its day. With the hundred million or so in the UK there isn’t the space on these shores, let alone the case for exposing the public to the pollution. Whilst the UK postures about going net zero carbon, it must unique in the draconian stance it has taken against electric scooters, fuel - and space - efficient vehicles, which have a real role in solving the 21st century travel needs.

Likewise, school-protests are good. But how many mums and dads are ferrying kids to school in their four by fours when, if there really is no alternative, they could in the very least be pooling cars?

It’s hypocrisy at its best.

The road to ruin they say is paved with good intentions and indeed, bold words are meaningless unless backed up by brave action.

Dave Degen

By email