A seven-year-old is making it her duty to clean the streets and conserve the environment.

Gauri Babbar, 7, who’s lives near St Albans Road, Watford, decided to take a stand against the litter building up in a nearby alleyway at Lowestoft Road, when she did a street clean-up on September 7.

The environmental enthusiast grew up under the guidance of her mother, Anjali Babbar, who always encouraged her daughter and her ten-year-old son to be environmentally cautious.

Ms Babbar, the mother, said: “Nobody bothers or cares to do anything about the litter. People always sit and chat there, or drink there – that’s why there’s always broken glass bottles there. It’s not safe!

“So, Gauri thought about it for a while, she always said the alleyway was a mess and one day said that we need to clean it.”

Ms Babbar and her daughter decided to take a litter picker and bags to collect the rubbish, where they picked up the glass bottles, cans, takeaway boxes and more.

While pedestrians and people passing by did not approach the two to assist them or personally thank them for their help, Ms Babbar did say there were a few cars that honked at them, which she believes was a sign of encouragement.

Hillingdon Times:

The family have lived near St Albans Street for nearly six years, with the litter around the area always being a concern.

Ms Babbar added: “I taught them to care for the environment because that’s how I was brought up. This is the only generation in which we can do something and make a change. Soon after that, we’ll be facing the consequences.”

While this was the 7-year-old’s first time conducting a street clean-up, she hopes to make this a regular occurrence once every fortnight. Her brother is expected to join her and her mother on the families next clean-up this weekend.