HILLINGDON is to benefit from a £3bn Government pledge to rebuild hospitals and replace diagnostic equipment.

The programme would involve two five-year tranches of funding for building hospitals and buying new equipment.

Phase one will inject £2.7bn of cash into six hospital trusts to carry out major rebuilds of hospitals by 2025.

The second phase, say Conservatives, plans for 34 further hospitals to be rebuilt from 2025-2030 by providing £100m of seed funding to support business cases for 21 projects around the country. 

It includes Hillingdon Hospitals Foundation Trust and Imperial College Healthcare Trust, the top two trusts for backlog of maintenance costs in England.

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Sarah Tedford, chief executive of Hillingdon Hospitals Trust, said: “Boris Johnson knows first-hand how important it is we undertake detailed work. 

“This injection of cash will enable us to do the research and work up options so we can bring forward plans to build a brand new, state-of-the-art facility. 

“Preparing plans for such a major investment needs to happen at pace, as our current estate is not fit for purpose. 

“I am looking forward to leading this vital work, in partnership with our staff, partners and patients to ensure we have the best possible facilities for our community and for our staff to deliver the right care at the right time.”