HILLINGDON and Ealing are both placed low in a league table of climate-friendly councils in London, according to new research by Friends of the Earth.

Hillingdon is 16th and Ealing 22nd of the 33 boroughs after being assessed by the group in categories such as renewable energy, public transport, lift-sharing, energy efficiency at home, waste recycling and woodland cover to find an overall winner.

A full list can be found on https://policy.friendsoftheearth.uk/sites/files/policy/documents/2019-09/League_table_English_Regions.pdf

You can also find out how climate-friendly your local area is on: https://friendsoftheearth.uk/climate-friendly-communities

Craig Bennett, FoE chief executive, said: “Local authorities have an important and often over-looked role in cutting carbon emissions and solving the climate crisis, but most are doing far too little.

“Even the better performing ones can do much more, from eco-heating to e-bikes, from transport to tree planting.

“The recent wave of demonstrations and local activism shows that Londoners are firmly behind climate action – it’s time for London councils to match this with proper policy.”