A surveyor thinks he may have found a solution to ease traffic on the ring road.

Tim Frost, 67, from Rickmansworth, believes part of the problem is down to the way traffic flow is managed after Clarendon Road.

Currently, all traffic continues into three lanes although has to stop at a red light for car exiting Queens car park.

Cars leaving the car park have the choice of continuing around the ring road or taking the exit towards Stephenson Way or Bushey.

However, since there are two lanes exiting the ring road, Mr Frost says there should be a division of the lanes. This means cars leaving the car park would only be able to join the right-hand lane to exit the ring road.

It would mean that cars on the left-hand lane of the ring road would not need to stop for a red light, thereby giving an unrestricted exit from the ring road.

He felt that in turn, this would help ease traffic behind.

Speaking about the idea, Mr Frost said: “The whole ring road is unusable if something goes wrong.

“I think this is a low-cost solution to be considered to ease traffic flow out of the ring road.”

Hertfordshire County Council has been approached about Mr Frost’s idea and are currently looking at the proposal.

Mr Frost contacted us with his idea after the ring road had been gridlocked for a couple of hours on Saturday, September 28.

The ring road was solid from Stephenson Way round to Clarendon Road, with queues on Waterfields Way stretching back into Dalton Way and towards Bushey Arches.

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