Flash flooding caused by rain and blocked drains has been a persistent problem for a property despite council attention.

A house at Penrose Avenue, Carpenders Park. has had an ongoing issue for around five years involving flash floods by the driveway and the front porch due to blocked drains being unable to handle a rapid increase in rainfall.

John Welch, 68, who moved into the property with his wife and son over ten years ago, has sent numerous requests to Hertfordshire County Council about the drainage issues, with council officers previously surveying the issue and even clearing out the pipe in 2017.

After addressing their concerns to Hertfordshire County Council about the drainage issues, and the problem still occurring, Mr Welch has stated that he has “had enough” and will be soon moving to the Isle of Wight.

Mr Welch said: “Normally we can’t walk on the pavements and we always get complaints from people or dog walkers. We’ve started putting out sandbags in the morning to help others out.”

Following heavy rain from last week, the road was flooded for three days in a row from October 4 to October 6 due to the blocked drains.

Hillingdon Times:

The flooding has been reoccurring problem. (Photo: @eggandchips12)

While the issue still occurs, some work was previously carried out in a 2017 inspection, as highways drainage team inspected the gulley outside the home, with muddy water being sucked out of the blocked drains. The Welch family are concerned with the amount of times they had to contact the council for a reoccurring issue.

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council said: “We are sorry to hear that this resident is concerned about flooding in their road.

“Our contractor Ringway is aware of this issue and have been working with residents for some time to try and resolve the situation. Subject to funding, we are hoping to carry out further works during this financial year.”

The County Council spokesperson added: “Ultimately, when there are long periods of wet weather or sudden, heavy downpours it is inevitable that there will be some flooding as the volume or intensity of rainfall is greater than the capacity of the ground to absorb it and a well-maintained drainage system to safely remove it.

“However, we have always worked hard to try and identify risks and reduce the effects flooding has on communities.”

Residents who are concerned about any incidents of flooding or debris on the highway that they believe to be hazardous are advised to report concerns here.