A “family” home could be turned into a shared house despite planning permission being refused amid concerns from neighbours.

Harrow Council says the semi-detached property in Courtfield Crescent, Harrow, could become a house in multiple occupation (HMO) for up to six people.

It explained the applicant would not require planning permission to undertake such a transformation based on the size and number of rooms at the property.

Last month an application for an HMO for up to 10 people at the site was unanimously rejected by the council’s planning committee.

The applicant pointed out that all proposals were in line with council advice and said an HMO would “meet distinct needs and reduce pressure on Harrow’s housing stock”.

But neighbours said such a setup would be “out of character” for the area and voiced concerns about waste build up and a lack of parking provision.

“The houses on the crescent are all single-family dwellings and they should remain so. There is a need for HMOs but there is a place for them,” said Khimji Pindoria, of Courtfield Crescent.

Cllr Ghazanfar Ali said it could be open to “overcrowding”, which, based on his experience, could prove difficult for the council to act upon in the future.

The council said it would monitor the situation and, if necessary, would carry out an investigation and enforcement action if more than six people were found to be living at the house.