Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage brought the crowd to their feet at a rally in Watford town centre.

Mr Farage was speaking at The Langley banqueting suite last night, where he was joined by party chairman Richard Tice, the party's East of England MEP Michael Heaver, and Watford parliamentary candidate William Berry.

During the rally, Mr Farage said the party would consider a non-aggression pact with the Tories if Boris Johnson was "brave" enough to go for a clean break Brexit, because the Brexit Party "puts country before party".

He also said the party would produce a contract instead of a manifesto for the public that it will “honour” and “thousands of people” had applied to stand for the party at a general election.

The atmosphere was jolly, speeches were met with applause, and the names of MPs including Richard Harrington and David Gauke were met with pantomime jeers, but even then it did not feel hostile.

Hillingdon Times:

Mr Farage speaking on stage at The Langley (photo credit Nathan Louis)

Plenty of people had turned out for the event, coming from up and down the country to hear Mr Farage speak.

Speaking before the event, Ian Johnston, who travelled from Berkhamsted, said: “I’m very pleased to come and meet members of the Brexit party – this is actually the first event I have been to.

“I think Nigel Farage has done more than anyone to get us out of the European Union. The EU is not good for taxpayers’ money, and it restricts us making our own laws.

“We are much better off independent. I have been opposed to the EU since the Single European Act was enacted in 1986. We’ve won the referendum, we’ve won the war, but now we need to win the peace.”

After Mr Farage had spoken, Joy Seymour, from Bracknell, said: “Mr Farage is now fighting for our democracy. We need hope after Brexit. Coming here was very much worth our time.

“This man has given up a lot of his life to this – we are just giving up a few hours. It was very good to hear him.”

Mary Wiedman, from Hemel Hempstead, added: “Tonight gives me a feeling of hope. It was full of promise.

“Nigel is so accessible. I’ve spoken to him on the radio. The things they were saying were sensible. It was all very friendly. There was no heckling or abuse.”

But Mr Farage’s visit to Watford was also met with criticism, as members from the Labour Party gathered outside The Langley against his visit.

Hillingdon Times:

Police outside The Langley (photo credit James Cowen)

There was a large security presence and police outside, but the event appeared to pass with no trouble although a BBC radio journalist did see one person escorted away.

John Maizels, 74, from the Labour Party, was among a group outside The Langley. He said: “It is absolutely shocking that Nigel Farage has come to Watford, he is responsible for the whole country almost being at a civil war.”

Nabila Ahmed, a member of Watford Labour, added: “I just think it is a bit pathetic that Nigel Farage has come to Watford, I don’t know what he is trying to achieve.

Hillingdon Times:

From left to right - Philip Brown, member of the Labour Party, John Maizels, member of the Labour Party and Tariq Al-Saadoon from Radlett Labour (Photo credit James Cowen)

“Our country has been so divided since the Brexit referendum. What Labour are trying to do is bring everyone together and here is Farage stirring up more division

“He is not even speaking outside so doesn’t have the courage to face everyone. People like Farage need to be challenged so that is why people from the Labour Party have gathered outside against his visit.”