A shopper says it has taken him an hour just to park his car at Tesco as Watford grinds to a halt again.

The town centre has been gridlocked for much of the afternoon with both the ring road and Waterfields Way virtually at a standstill.

Many of us have been stuck in queues out of Waterfields Retail Park but Mike Layer says he has just spent an hour trying to get in.

Another driver says it has taken her nearly two hours to leave.

Mr Layer said: "The car park is gridlocked with cars trying to come both in and leave. I came in at 2pm and parked just before 3. Now I'm trying to get back out again.

"There are heaps of spaces and the shop is a ghost town because everyone is stuck in the gridlock outside and those trying to come in can't park. But there doesn't seem to be any staff outside trying to help direct the traffic to get it moving again."

Tesco's social media team says the store is doing everything it can to solve the chaos in the car park and added it has an alert to say there is an accident on Waterfields Way - but we don't hhave confirmation of that yet.

Others trying to get to intu Watford say they have given up and turned back.

As of just after 4pm, the queues in Waterfields Way cleared, although it is still slow on the ring road.

Earlier, the delays on the ring road stretched from Stephenson Way round to Clarendon Road - where they have changed the traffic light timings.

After the ring road was brought to a standstill two Saturdays ago, Hertfordshire County Council said it would tweak the timings to give greater priority to drivers on the ring road.

Hillingdon Times:

These are the lights which have been timed differently in preparation for a second pedestrian crossing

Hillingdon Times:

Hillingdon Times:

Pictures from the ring road shortly before 3pm