HILLINGDON is the safest London boroughs for motorists, according to new data. 

Accident and traffic figures were collected from the Department for Transport to determine accident rates per mile of driving and Hillingdon had the lowest.

In 2018, there were 54.3 accidents per 100 million miles of driving in the borough, compared to the London average of 139.6.

It makes the odds of having an accident in Hillingdon six times lower than in the most dangerous borough (Camden), according to consumer research company NimbleFins.

Hillingdon was also ranked second safest in London (behind only Havering) in terms of deaths and serious injuries per 100 million miles driven.

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Cllr Keith Burrows, Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation, said: “Reckless or dangerous driving has no place on our roads.”

Next month, the council will launch its annual Safe Drive Stay Alive road safety campaign, aimed at raising awareness.

People are welcome to attend a one-off performance on Thursday, November 28, 6.30pm, at Winston Churchill Hall, Ruislip.