ONE of the world’s most wanted men, who went on the run for three-and-a-half years after murdering a man in Eastcote, has been jailed for life.

An Old Bailey judge sentenced Shane O’Brien today (23) and recommended he spend at least 26 years in prison.

The judge called O’Brien’s actions a “grotesque, violent and totally unnecessary attack on an innocent man”. 

He rejected any suggestion O’Brien had been provoked or acted in self-defence.

A jury took just 55 minutes on October 1 to convict O’Brien, 31, originally from Ladbroke Grove, following a trial.

Josh Hanson, from Kingsbury, died after his throat was slashed during a night out with friends.

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O’Brien then chartered a private plane to leave the country and was subject to a world-wide manhunt before finally being detained in Romania.

Det Chief Insp Noel McHugh, who led the investigation, said: “O’Brien will be 57 before he can be considered for release, the best part of his life spent behind bars.

“It also shows no one is untouchable despite their connections and background. O’Brien thought he could evade justice with the help of his ‘associates’ but he was wrong.

“At the centre of this tragic story are Josh’s mum, Tracey, and sister, Brooke, who have remained focused and dignified throughout. It is a miracle they can get up each day and we can only imagine what they have endured, losing their beacon Josh, followed by years of uncertainty, fearing O’Brien might never be caught.”

Tracey Hanson, said: “I have no words that come close to describing the constant ache that consumes my every waking day, but we will forever be truly grateful to everybody who helped bring Josh's killer to justice.”