A DOCTOR at Hillingdon Hospital is enjoying the freedom of no longer wearing glasses after she underwent laser eye surgery.

Having worn glasses since she was young, Anza Muhamad, 30, struggled with them during her long shifts at the hospital.

She had trouble seeing clearly, due to the powerful glare from bright lights. Her glasses even slipped off on occasion when she was, for example, taking blood.

She tried contact lenses, but these caused the junior doctor issues, including dealing with conjunctivitis and dryness from wearing the lenses beyond the recommended time. 

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Anza signed up for Optical Express’s Thanks a Million campaign and was given laser eye surgery in both eyes. 

She said: “Laser surgery was something I had considered before but was put off by the costs, which I couldn’t afford alongside my tuition fees.

“I no longer worry about catching eye infections or my glasses falling off during procedures.  The irritations caused by contact lenses are no more.”

The Thanks a Million campaign rewards NHS and emergency service workers with free laser surgery.