FOR a parent, there is no greater pain than losing a child.

Uxbridge couple David and Helen Sinclair lost their three-year-old son, Asher, to a rare health condition last month.

The fate shattered the family after a long ordeal inside hospital walls, but it couldn’t take the spirit away from an extraordinary couple.

The couple, both school teachers, have now set up a gofundme page, to help raise money for those who stood with them during the fight to save Asher.

David said they would not have been able to handle the struggle mentally and financially were it not for the support of Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Sick Children’s Trust.

Asher caught a virus, called Coxsackie B5, when he was just eight days old and the family has spent their lives in and around hospitals ever since.

“GOSH did so much more than looking after our son,” sad David, a deputy head.

“They considered our social and mental health needs. They tried their best to keep our kids entertained and make it not feel like a hospital.

“Our older daughter, Erin, wasn’t even two when we were in hospital initially. Until she went to school, that hospital was her home.”

After five months, the family moved to a temporary flat offered by the Sick Children’s Trust. Until then, they were sleeping on plastic mattresses and cooking with just a microwave.   

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“It helped me go back to work. Otherwise we would have lost our jobs and house,” said David.

Helen added: “It gave an opportunity for Erin to get to know her brother and bond with him. She was incredibly important to him.

“Asher would change his behaviour when he heard her voice even in the intensive care unit,” she added.

The couple, from Bridge Road, also have a younger daughter, Amirah.

David and Helen estimate the cost of their stay for two years in the flat would have been £18,000.

So, when Asher died, they decided to do something for those that had helped them.

The family had a celebration of Asher’s life on Wednesday. Hundreds of people, including nurses and staff from Great Ormond Street, attended.

“We always knew Asher wouldn’t be around forever,” said David. “For us, the sadness is he was still developing and he hadn’t reached his potential yet. But we are thankful for how he blessed us and what he gave us.”

The gofundme page has already collected £2,795 from 51 donors. David and Helen say it will be equally distributed between GOSH and the Sick Children’s Trust.

You can support the cause on