THE trial of an innovative on-demand bus service in Ealing went live yesterday (13) following a launch at the Questors Theatre.

Two leading mobility service providers, RATP Dev and MOIA, will run the operation in partnership with Transport for London.

Ealing has been chosen for the trial after figures showed 40% of those who live in the area use cars – private or for hire - to get to work in the borough.

By providing a convenient, sustainable alternative tailored to the needs of individual passengers, the partners aim to significantly reduce this figure. 

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The service will operate between Hanger Lane and Southall.

Customers travelling on the new buses will be able to book a seat in real time using the now-live app or over the phone.

Wait times are expected to be around 10 minutes at peak. Unlike conventional bus routes, which are fixed, routes would be based on other passengers requesting a similar journey.

The buses will be on the road between 6am and 1pm, seven days a week.

Fares will start at a flat £3.50 per passenger trip, with discounts for frequent users and families. The Freedom Pass will be accepted, ensuring the trial is socially inclusive.