School ranked fourth in top 100 schools Independent Preparatory Schools in England.

Reddiford School, an independent day school in Pinner, was rated the fourth best school in the Sunday Times list of the top 100 Independent Preparatory Schools in England.

The school which welcomes children aged three to eleven was ranked in fourth place based on the outcomes of the National Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) in reading, mathematics, spelling, punctuation and grammar taken by the year six pupils in 2018.

Jean Batt, the headteacher of the school, said: “Although this position is a reflection of the academic ability of our children, we also work very hard to get the balance right between academic achievements and a broad education that prepares pupils for senior schools and beyond.

“Of course, our pastoral support is at the centre of everything we do and Reddiford children thrive as a result of our warm and happy environment.”

In the 2018/2019 academic year, the school taught 319 pupils according to the Government school performance page.

Mrs Batt added “I believe that our children not only receive an excellent grounding in English, grammar and mathematics, but with the use of our specialist teachers they are able to take advantage of all that our school has to offer.”

Other specialist subjects taught in the school includes philosophy, humanities, mandarin, other languages, coding in ICT, karate and more.

Reddiford School are currently in the process of building a new gym and specialist classroom for their pupils which is planned open in February 2020.