FOR Tara Mulcahy, who uses a mobility scooter, the 440 bus used to be a lifeline.

It connects Turnham Green Church to Stonebridge Park Station and passed along the full length of Bollo Lane, South Acton.

Despite her limited mobility, Tara could catch the bus from outside The Bollo pub and do her errands.

But her life was turned upside down when Transport for London, in a bid to establish a direct link into Chiswick Business Park from the north, re-routed the 440.

It missed out the part of Bollo Lane from the railway crossing to Chiswick High Road - and Tara and others with limited mobilitythe  were literally cut off from TfL network overnight.

“No direct public transport is available for people in my area,” said Tara. “The answer to our pleas is that people can catch another bus to Chiswick Business Park and change from there.

“This would be no problem for fit people, but it is difficult for people like us, with mobility issues.”

Tara has been on a mission ever since the change. She has sent hundreds of emails to the authorities calling for the original service to be reinstated, but her pleas have so far fallen on deaf ears.

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A TfL spokesperson told me the changes to the route 440 were made after conducting a survey among residents.

According to the survey, 604 people were contacted for their opinion and 14% supported or strongly supported the change of route, while 15% neither supported nor opposed it. Another 14% opposed or strongly opposed it, while 43% said the change was not applicable to them.

TfL decided to go on with the plan, even with just 14% support. Opponents complain the survey was conducted on a small random sample of residents and that those affected were not consulted.

Tara says the elderly and those with mobility issues are distressed by the change.

“One of my elderly neighbours told me last week she almost collapsed while dragging back her shopping cart,” she said.

“On her way, she met another elderly woman who was in tears because she didn’t think she would make it home.”

Tara says she will continue her fight for people in her area.