Transport for London's (TfL) decision to strip Uber of its licence will affect Watford as the ridesharing app's drivers are most likely licensed by the London authority.

TfL decided not to renew Uber's licence on Monday (November 25) due to major security breaches which put passenger safety at risk.

The transport authority said unauthorised drivers were able to upload their pictures to legitimate Uber driver accounts, allowing them to pick up customers under an assumed identity.

At least 14,000 uninsured trips happened in this way, including with at least one driver who TfL had previously banned.

Drivers who had been dismissed or suspended were also able to make accounts and pick up passengers, the transport network said.

And earlier this year, TfL prosecuted Uber because vehicles without the correct private hire insurance were using the app.

The company’s licence was originally revoked in 2017, but it has since been granted two short terms extensions - the most recent one expired on Monday.

Uber will appeal the decision, and the company can continue to operate during this process.

Watford Borough Council confirmed it had never given Uber a private hire operators' licence.

But under current laws, taxi drivers can operate anywhere in the country provided the operator (Uber), the cab driver and the car is licensed by one licensing authority and the booking is accepted in that authority's area. The practice is called cross border hiring.

Shafiq Ahmed, chairman of the Watford Licenses Taxi Drivers Association, believes Uber drivers licensed by TfL are coming over to Watford to work.

He said the company is "putting people's lives at risk".

He said: “As chairman, I have always raise the issues of safety of Uber operating in our town and now it is to be investigated.

“I’m happy the licence has been revoked. I think if they want to operate in Watford it should be a level playing field.

“I urge the same initiative to be copied in Watford and we want Uber to have checks.

“Thousands of people in Watford are at risk. People should know just because it is a few pounds cheaper you may be putting your lives at risk."

Uber was approached for comment but did not respond in time for publication.