PIECES of graffiti found on the concrete columns of Bull’s Bridge flyover in Southall bear an uncanny resemblance to the work of artist Banksy, neighbours believe.

 “This is not the usual rubbish work you find at these places,” said a man who became curious about the drawings while jogging amid the columns. He did not want to identify himself.

“These are high-quality graffiti works. If they really are Banksy’s, the authorities should build fences to protect them. There are a lot of ordinary graffitists in the area who might deface these paintings.”

However, London-based photographer Steve Cotton, who has extensively covered Banksy’s works, said the drawings look like a copy of the renowned artist’s.

Even if it’s not Banksy, people in the area believe the authorities should take immediate steps to protect good artworks.

The drawings fall within the Hillingdon boundary and the bridge is owned by Transport for London.

A few months ago, Banksy-like paintings appeared on Woolpack Bridge in Dawley Road, Hayes. The council has covered them with Perspex.