TABLET devices and e-mail cards are now commonplace - but it seems a hand-written and hand-delivered Christmas card still comes up trumps.

It’s a lesson brought home to students at Park Academy in Park View Road, Uxbridge, when they spent an afternoon delivering cards to neighbouring businesses.

The aim was to remind them of the importance of saying thank-you to those who play a part in the community where they live and study.

The idea originated from a competition to design a Christmas card. The best were mass-printed and delivered personally.

A hair salon owner, corner shop, tyre-fitting garage, estate agents and charity shops all received a visit from Ellie Scott, Sharquarne Anderson and Andreea Galatanu.

Principal Juan Delgado said: ‘’It’s very easy for students to get stuck in the bubble that is their school. It was important to remind them about the people in the community who play a role in the bigger picture that makes up their lives.’’

The card competition was led by art and design teacher Charlotte Fragoso.