Teenage refugees who have moved to the UK after a life of suffering were given gifts over Christmas to support their settlement.

Mums Can Do, a telemarketing business based in Watford, gifted teenage refugees who have travelled to the UK, offering them a memorable Christmas.

The charity campaign started after they were contacted by an employee of the Hightown Housing Association, which builds affordable housing, as a request to help those less fortunate.

The housing association were then able to give their teenage refugees living in their housing small gifts for the winter, thanks to the £805 raised in four weeks from Mums Can Do.

Some of the items include toiletry gift sets, chocolates, socks, scarves, gloves, footballs, slippers, pyjamas and stationary for college.

Hillingdon Times:

£805 worth of gifts were raised in four weeks

High Town Housing stated: “The children that we support have been through the most unimaginable journey.

“Most of them have come, after being found in the backs of lorries and have travelled through countries such as Libya, where they have been beaten and tortured.

“More often than not, they do not know where their families are, or if they are alive.”

Refugees supported by the housing association are given independent living but supported with health appointments, applications with the Home Office and full-time attendance to a college.

They are also given dedicated social workers acting as their legal guardian until they turn 18.