The family of a “cheeky” and brave three-year-old boy with a rare genetic disorder are desperately looking for donors to rescue their son.

Veer Gudhka, 3, from Harrow, is in desperate need to find a matching stem cell donor after being diagnosed in August 2019 with the rare life changing illness called Fanconi Anaemia.

The condition means that his bone marrow produces less blood cells, which leads to tiredness, the body more exposed to infections, and a high likelihood of developing a deadly blood cancer.

Veer was diagnosed “by chance” after a series of problems since December 2018 where he discovered he had low blood platelets.

Things seemed to be getting better for Veer – whose name stands for brave- as his energy levels recovered, but the family were distraught in August 2019 to find out the true diagnosis.

Nirav Gudhka, the father of Veer, recalled: “We didn’t expect anything of that nature when were called back in August.

“All of a sudden our otherwise perfect little world was turned upside down.”

Hillingdon Times:

From left to right: Suhani, Kirpa, Nirav and Veer

Veer’s immediate family – his father, his mother Kirpa and five-year-old sister Suhani – were all tested to see if they could donate their stem cell to give Veer a fighting chance.

Unfortunately, none of his family nor anyone on the global stem cell register seem to match the stem cell requirements for Veer.

Due to his Asian heritage, it is difficult to find a matching donor as only 20 per cent of black, Asian or ethnic minority patients can find a possible match from strangers.

His father called this statistic, and the fact that only 2 per cent of the UK population is on the stem cell register, is “shocking”.

He said: “There’s clearly a lack of awareness within Asian communities, so we are trying our best to increase awareness, to help not only Veer, but countless other people from all backgrounds. That’s why we’re sharing our story – it’s not just Veer.”

Hillingdon Times:

His sister Suhani (left) and Veer (right)

The family are now working with Anthony Nolan, a blood cancer charity, in a desperate appeal to find a matching stem cell donor.

Mr Gudhka called Veer a “cheeky boy” and said: “He creates strong bonds with everyone he interacts with, young and old – he’ll chat to everybody.

“He is an adventurous and energetic three-year-old and will tr his hand at everything.

“He’s been a real soldier through his numerous blood tests and other procedures. He definitely lives up to the meaning of his name.”

His father added: “Veer’s a little brother. His big sister Suhani is five and knows that Veer has got Fanconi Anaemia, and so needs ‘new blood’. She’s too young to understand the full extent of Veer’s condition but has comprehended that he needs a generous donor to help him.

“As much as we don’t want it to take over our lives, it has. We know that finding a donor is like finding a needle in a haystack, so we are campaigning hard.”

To register as a stem cell donor and to potentially help Veer, visit the Anthony Nolan registration page here.