A CLIMATE change emergency has been declared by Hillingdon Council, which has outlined its plans for the borough to become carbon neutral by 2030.

The motion was put forward by Deputy Leader Jonathan Bianco at last night's (16) council meeting. 

He highlighted that Hillingdon was already one of London's greenest boroughs and had substantially invested in parks and open spaces while protecting and enhancing the local environment.

He said changes and initiatives so far had included: 

  •  A 53 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions over the past five years from non-domestic electricity and gas supplies
  • A planned new contract from 2020 to provide electricity for council properties and schools from 100 per cent certified renewable sources
  • An LED street lighting programme, replacing 23,700 sodium lights to be more energy efficient, resulting in a 74 per cent reduction in carbon emissions
  • Measures to deter people from leaving vehicle engines idling, particularly around schools
  • More ways to reduce plastic waste that ends up in landfill or as litter, such as through new drinking fountains in the borough’s parks
  • Planting of new trees, including offering 5,000 free saplings for residents to grow. 

Council leader Ray Puddifoot said: “We have to find ways to be more sustainable and energy efficient if we are to protect Hillingdon, its residents and our planet for future generations.”