BROADCASTER and naturalist Chris Packham is considering legal action following the Prime Minister’s decision to proceed with HS2.

He has instructed his lawyers to advise on the legality of giving the go-ahead to Europe’s largest infrastructure project despite the huge environmental damage it will cause.

According to Mr Packham, HS2 would be the UK’s largest de-forestation project since the First World War.

A recent report by the Wildlife Trust details the impact it considers HS2 will have on UK wildlife, habitats and biodiversity.

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This includes the loss of 108 ancient woodlands, 693 local wildlife sites, 33 sites of special scientific interest and rare and endangered species. 

Mr Packham is concerned the benefits of the high-speed railway do not outweigh the environmental harm it will cause. He also challenges the original assumption that it would provide a low-carbon transport solution.

He will work with his lawyers at Leigh Day to examine the implications and is currently crowdfunding for a potential challenge.

Mr Packham said: “History will not look kindly on those who have orchestrated this decision.”