Storm Dennis caused chaos as services were called to hundreds of incidents including fallen trees, flooding and road closures across Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire County Councils highways crews had a busy past few weeks as they attended hundreds of callouts to the havoc brought upon Storm Ciara between February 8 to 11 and Storm Dennis between February 14 to 16.

It was revealed that during the latest storm, there were over 340 reports of incidents including flooding, fallen trees or road closures and 200 emergency callouts across Hertfordshire.

In Watford and Three Rivers, the highways crew had 42 issues responses, with seven calls that required two-hour responses and nine calls for issues that required 24-hour responses.

One tree in Longspring collapsed, landing on a car.

Hillingdon Times:

Hempstead Road was blocked after a fallen tree covered a section of the road.

Hillingdon Times:

And in Oxhey Road, a collection of branches also fell blocking the road.

Hillingdon Times:

Ian Parker, a supervisor for Ringway, said: “Our biggest challenge was handling the sheer number of emergency call-outs we received throughout the day and sending our teams to work in the harsh conditions of the storm.

“We were attending unprecedented numbers of incidents within two hours to make areas safe.

“We worked collaboratively with the police as they were under pressure responding to the significant number of road closures, due to fallen trees and flooding.

“Responding to these Storm events is a team effort and our response crews worked all day and through the night to keep Hertfordshire’s roads safe and moving.”

While Storm Dennis proved to keep the highways crew busy, the number of incidents reported were significantly less than Storm Ciara.

During that storm, there were 84 incidents reported to the crew, 51 of which required two-hours responses and 33 of which required 24-hour responses.

Hertfordshire County Council highways revealed that they received a total of 632 reports of trees and branches which had fallen in Hertfordshire, a number of which shut multiple roads.

Storm Dennis caused other issues across Watford, including a flooded footbridge in Cassiobury Park.