A MEMORIAL bench was unveiled in Perivale Park, near the childhood home of legendary session rock pianist, Nicky Hopkins (1944-94), two years ago.

Hopkins played with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and The Who, among others.

The bench, which cost £4,000, was Crowdfunded and raised £6,000, with the surplus £2,000 going towards a student award, which costs £10,000 a year.

The remaining £8,000 was donated by American musician and author Deborah Grabien, a huge Nicky Hopkins fan, who lives in San Francisco.

Last year, the first-ever Royal Academy of Music Nicky Hopkins Award went to jazz pianist Lukas de Rungs.

And, this week, some of the 60-plus contributors towards the 2019/20 award met its recipient, Lukas de Rungs, for the first time.

Lukas was due to perform at a concert at the Academy but was unable to after cutting his hand.

Other contributors towards the award include Yoko Ono, Jimmy Page, Roger Daltrey and all members of The Rolling Stones.

Funds are currently being raised to cover the 2020/21 Nicky Hopkins Award and Nicky's fans are asked to donate as much as they can via this link: