PUPILS as young as 12 are being taught how to develop healthy relationships and avoid being influenced by TV shows like Love Island or EastEnders.

Experts say these programmes encourage youngsters to view sexual contact as currency’ or to expect relationships to be volatile’

Students in Year 8 at an Uxbridge academy spent several hours discussing the differences and the common traits of friendship, romance and the appropriate moment to take a relationship to the next level. 

The session was led by Vanya Harris, 43, a teacher at Park Academy in Park View Road.

Vanya, who is wellness lead at the school, said: “It’s important for teenagers to realise they can have a platonic friendship and it doesn’t have to lead to sex. 

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‘’On shows like Love Island, it doesn’t make good viewing to see a relationship slowly build, so they see one build over a few hours. 

“Shows like this spread ultra-sexualised images to children and body shapes that are not always natural.

“Then you have a show like EastEnders which is based on extremes and volatility. This is entertainment after all, but it breeds an ‘I’m going to create a big scene and a drama’ mentality. This is not how positive, quality relationships unfold in real life.’’ 

A new sex education framework set out by the Government aims to provide a curriculum focused on wider learning and about equipping students for a healthy life after school.