THE choices you make have consequences – that was a life lesson taught to students at Park Academy, Uxbridge at a drugs and alcohol workshop that focused on the true story of Daniel Spargo-Mabbs.

Students watched a play about how the 16-year-old lost his life in 2014 after taking a lethal dose at an illegal Hillingdon rave, organised via Facebook. His death made headlines at the time.

It was the first time Dan had been to a rave and only the third time he had dabbled in taking drugs, it is believed.

Dan took MDMA with four other friends. They were fine, but he took a lethal amount.

His last words to his mother, ‘I Love You Mum, I Promise I Won’t Die’, are used as the title of a play, currently on tour with the Wizard Theatre Company. 

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Dan’s mother, Fiona, said: ‘’The play is a really powerful way of managing and getting that message out to young people that choices have consequences.

‘’With drugs and alcohol, it’s always a choice and those consequences aren’t just theirs. So many people can be impacted.”

Spurred on by a sense of responsibility to warn other parents and teenagers, Mrs Spargo-Mabbs and her husband Tim set up a foundation in his name.

She devised lesson plans to tackle the subject in schools. The play was developed sometime later and is now an integral part of the programme.

Year 10 pupil Banita Anthony, who attends Park Academy in Park View Road, said: ‘’I felt this play had a massive impact on my thoughts about drugs. It makes me want to be more careful and advise my friends to make the right choices.’’