The Prime Minister has warned there will be more deaths from coronavirus. He should know. Years of underfunding the NHS have left it with few spare beds and a small number of ventilators. Rather late in the day the Government is now scrambling for both.

I wonder how many Watford General Hospital has and how many aged virus hit people the hospital will need to tend? It will doubtless lead to a queue. It has been said that scarce resources should be used for those most likely to survive. Hard luck on some wheelchair users and walker pushers, me included. Survival may well depend on not catching the virus in the first place.

I can only feel sorry for any member of staff who has to decide who will be relegated to the end of the queue. For the unlucky ones it would be all over in a matter of days but that member will have to live with the consequences.

I should imagine ministers are wetting their collective pants and praying the pandemic will not be too serious.

Stan Friedman

By email