A meeting to consider plans of part of the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth to be used as an open-air cinema has been postponed.

The Three Rivers Council licensing sub-committee hearing that was supposed to be held this morning (March 23) has been adjourned "until further notice".

The proposed plans which were to be looked at today, included a dog-free picnic area which would then transform into a cinema for up to two days every August.

There would be a bar available and there may also be performances from groups in the community.

If the application for a premises licence by entertainment venue Watersmeet was to be accepted, the licence would allow organisers to repeat it over a two-day weekend in the future.

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According to the application, the gates would open from 10am and the event would close at 10pm.

The application put forward is also seeking permission to sell alcohol, show films and perform music during this time.

Entry to watch the film would be determined by the age classification of the movie being shown.

Objections tot the application have already been made by four local residents and one councillor.

This is due to a concern about noise and disruption. Some called for a full assessment of the disruption the event may cause to the community and they say the finishing time of 10pm is "not appropriate".

There were also concerns about the impact on wildlife, increased traffic, the length of the event and it was said litter could be left behind.