I know people are anxious, but it is imperative that we only buy what we need.

We have all seen the pictures of empty shelves and queues trailing around the car parks outside supermarkets. The government understands that there is a sense of worry, however there is enough to go around as long as we all shop responsibly and think of others.

We have a collective responsibility to make sure that NHS staff and the elderly in particular can access what they need. NHS staff are working tirelessly to fight this virus and keep us safe so the least we can do is ensure that the shelves are not bare at the end of their shift

The supermarkets are recruiting thousands of new staff and are streamlining a lot of their product ranges to focus on producing more of the basic goods such as pasta and tinned vegetables. We must ensure that when the shelves are replenished, we are only taking what we need. We are in the fortunate position whereby as it stands, the country can continue to meet its food demands. Therefore, there is no need to stockpile.

The supermarkets are also asking those that are able to shop in store to do so. This will mean that there are more home delivery slots available to those that are self-isolating or in the vulnerable category.

It is also advisable for only person in each household to go shopping. I know this is not easy for those that have children at home, but where possible please ensure that as few of you as possible are leaving your home to go to the supermarket.

When you are in the shop, please adhere to social distancing guidelines and only touch products that you intend to buy. You should also wash your hands as soon as you get back home.

If you are able to help with delivering goods to those that cannot leave the house as they are self-isolating or in the vulnerable category, please visit my website to find out where you can sign-up.

Defeating Covid-19 requires a national effort and for everybody to contribute. That comes not just in the form of social distancing and self-isolation, but thinking of the needs of others as well as our own.

  • Dean Russell is Conservative MP for Watford