A woman shared her support for key workers during the coronavirus pandemic by displaying her wonderful knitted creations on her window.

Farzana Chaudry, from North Watford, decided to share her support for the NHS staff fighting to treat Covid-19 patients and tackle the pandemic, by knitting.

Her creation featured nurses, a doctor, surgeon, scientist, service engineer, paramedic, cleaner and a greengrocer, praising the key roles these essential workers play.

The characters are holding cards reminding everyone to stay at home, save lives and also to stop panic buying.

This isn’t her first knitted window display, as she is known for her various eye-catching displays during memorable events, such as Armistice Day, the Royal Weddings and astronaut Tim Peake returning to Earth.

Ms Chaudry said: “I started knitting this display a few weeks ago when it became clear that we are facing a serious pandemic.

“As the weeks and days passed, the impact on the NHS became more apparent.

“I’ve been knitting late into the night and wanted my display to be ready for Thursday nights clap for the NHS heroes.”

She added: “I hope my display gives some joy to my neighbourhood as they get out for some fresh air and exercise around my block.

“These are uncertain times but looking at the positives we all have a chance to grow out of this as better human beings.”