“I was really worried I would lose everything” – a resident has recounted her terrifying ordeal faced with the ferocity of the fire in Bradshaw Road yesterday.

Camila Carvalho was on the toilet when she heard a loud crackling noise coming from her garden.

The 29-year-old rushed to her window and was horrified to see a fire raging in her and her neighbours’ gardens.

“I was shaking and found it hard to speak properly to the fire brigade on the phone”, Camila recalled.

“I was really nervous and scared that the fire would spread over to the house.”

After calling the brigade, Camila and her housemate evacuated the building and waited in the street with their neighbours as fire fighters – who arrived two minutes after her call – battled the blaze.

Prior to the arrival of fire crews, neighbours had bravely knocked on the doors of surrounding buildings to alert people to the need to evacuate.

Nerves wracked Camila as she awaited news on whether her house had survived the fire.

“I couldn’t’ keep calm. I was really worried we would lose everything”, she explained.

Fire crews subdued the inferno, said to have affected 12 properties, one of which was very badly damaged.

Camila’s garden and conservatory were ravaged by the blaze – her house escaped the worst of the damage.

However, she cannot return to her home as it is currently without water and electricity.

Camila says she is grateful to Liberal Democrat Callowland councillor Dawn Allen-Williamson, who helped her find a council provided hotel room to stay in for the time being.

More than sixty firefighters battled the blaze the which began in a railway embankment behind Bradshaw Road, Watford, at around 2.30pm yesterday.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue says as many as 12 properties were affected but there were no reported casualties.