A "horrendous level" of litter was left in Cassiobury Park over the weekend.

Thanks to more warm and sunny weather, hundreds of people flocked to the park to bask in the heat or to have a picnic.

But one reader said he came across a large amount of litter when he walking his dog on Saturday morning (May 30).

He said: "I was disheartened to witness a horrendous level of litter in Cassiobury Park. Silver canisters everywhere, discarded food and drink packaging, overflowing bins as far as the eye can see.

"This isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed such a mess, but this is by far the worst.

"No respect is being presented to the park, the wildlife or the people that end up gazing at this monstrosity. Action needs to be taken."

Hillingdon Times:

Hillingdon Times:

Litter in Cassiobury Park. Credit: UGC

Other people took to social media to point out the level of litter that was left in the park over the weekend.

One user said: "I have just come back from Cassiobury Park, and there is litter everywhere. It was absolutely vile."

The mayor of Watford has urged park visitors to take their rubbish with them or put it in a bin.

Peter Taylor said: "We know how many people enjoy visiting our parks and green spaces, particularity during this difficult period. 

"We have employed extra park operatives in Cassiobury Park who are working very hard, seven days a week, to keep our parks tidy. 

"Littering is never acceptable. If you are visiting one of our parks and you have rubbish you should use a bin or take it home with you. 

"Most people do this but everyone needs to be respectful of our parks and those that visit them."