Police say they were spat on as members of the public enjoyed their first pints at a pub during ‘Super Saturday’.

Hertfordshire Constabulary has issued out a message on social media claiming that there were a few incidents on Saturday (July 4) where police were spat on as some people flocked to pubs and restaurants.

The so-called Super Saturday which meant pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and more could reopen, caused a few issues in Hertfordshire according to police.

In a statement online, Hertfordshire Constabulary wrote: “Rather disappointingly, whilst most people yesterday enjoyed themselves as lockdown measures continue to be eased, there were a few incidents where our officers were spat on.

“We are here to try and help you and keep you safe and we want you to enjoy yourselves after what has been a tough few months for us all, but please note that spitting at our officers or any emergency worker whilst carrying out their duties is never acceptable, and certainly not during the present health emergency.

“As such, anyone doing so should expect to be charged and to face legal action. Please continue to follow government guidelines so that we can all enjoy our Sunday.”

When the Watford Observer visited Watford town centre during the afternoon, there were no queues outside any pubs, bars, restaurants or hairdressers.

However, there were members attending pubs for drinks, including at the Moon Under Water Wetherspoons pub in the town centre.

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Out of 980 Watford residents, some 80 per cent said they would be staying away from the pubs when they reopen.

Hertfordshire Constabulary were approached for further information as to where these incidents occurred.