Two community groups are joining forces to help tackle and clear a growing problem of litter.

The Stanmore Covid-19 Response group and Harrow Neighbourhood Watch will be teaming together with local councillors next Saturday (July 11) to deal with a growing concern of litter around Stanmore and Cannons Park.

The group hope to target littering hotspots including areas where people have disposed personal protective equipment (PPE) like face masks and gloves on the streets.

Canons Ward Councillor Ameet Jogia is said to be helping with this month’s litter pick.

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More litter found recently around Stanmore (Photo: UGC)

Simon Joshua, a member of the group, said: “Residents seem not to have sufficient space in waste bins, maybe due to HMOs, but many developments have insufficient provision for waste bins.

“This means that fly tipping in the area is an enormous problem. However, we can all help by helping to keep their streets litter free.

“Litter is less likely to be dropped if areas are clean. However, on private estates property owners need to take responsibility for clearing litter, and many are avoiding their responsibilities.

“It is not the responsibility of the council to clear rubbish dumped on private land, and if it did, we as council taxpayers would be footing the bill.”

The group has drawn up guidelines based on advice from Harrow Council and has received equipment to help with the pick.

While the group cannot take additional volunteers during the pick due to safety guidelines, anyone who comes across flytipped or littered items is asked to alert the council using the My Harrow app or the Harrow Council Website.