Friday is set to be the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures expected to be above 30C.

Despite the unseasonably chilly July, Britons have been enjoying the good weather over the past few days and temperatures are expected to peak tomorrow and surpass this year's record.

So far this month, the highest maximum temperature recorded was 28.5C on July 17 at Heathrow Airport.

But the good weather is expected to be short-lived. The Met Office said the hot weather would not extend into the three-day “heatwave territory”.

A spokesperson for Met Office said: “We’re expecting (Friday) temperatures to potentially get to 33, certainly isolated 33s, which may just get the warmest day of the year, though there was a 33.4 in June.

“We’ve not seen a temperature anywhere above 30 so far or even with a three in it – that is quite unusual for July.”

They added: "In terms of shifting the overall weather stats for the month, it’s not going to do much to the average.”

Below is an hour-by-hour look at the weather in Watford for the rest of today and Friday:

Thursday - max 26C

Hillingdon Times:

Thursday (today) is forecast to be dry and sunny. The temperature at 1pm was 24C, according to Met Office. This will rise over the next few hours and reach the peak of 26C by 3pm.

It will remain at the peak temperature until around 7pm, when it will begin to drop. At 8pm, the temperature will drop slightly to 24C.

It will still be warm from 9pm to 11pm this evening, as temperatures range from 22C to 20C.

Friday - max 32C

Hillingdon Times:

Friday is expected to be the hottest day of the year so far. Overall, it will be hot and sunny, with the weather turning increasingly humid later.

It will be coolest in the morning, with a temperature of 17C at 6am. Met Office says it will be sunny as the temperature rises throughout the morning. By 10am, it will be 25C.

By noon, the temperature will reach 29C. It will be slightly hotter (at 31C) between 1pm to 3pm, although there may be some light rain.

Hillingdon Times:

The mercury is expected to be at its highest (32C) by 4pm.

From 5pm, the temperature will begin to slowly drop, and the weather will change from sunny to cloudy.

However, it will still be quite warm in the evening with the temperature at 25C at 8pm.

By 10pm-11pm, temperature will go down to 22C to 21C.

Saturday - max 23C

Although temperatures will have dropped, it will still be quite warm on Saturday.

It will be quite dry, with sunshine in the morning and more clouds in the afternoon.

Temperatures will range from 13C to 23C

Sunday - max 21C

Sunday will be similar to Saturday, with temperatures ranging from 14C to 21C.

It will again be quite dry, with sunshine in the morning cloudier weather in the afternoon.