Travellers who set up camp for over three days will soon be cleared after refusing council advise to move.

Around five caravans were seen parked up at an encampment by The Green, Croxley Green, in the evening of last Friday (August 7).

Despite Three Rivers District Council advising the travellers to move on during the weekend, the travellers remain at the scene today.

The council is now seeking a court order and application for a Traveller Removal Order listed for 10am tomorrow (August 11) in St Albans Magistrates’ Court.

Over the weekend, the council said that council officers worked to ensure proper welfare checks were undertaken.

Earlier today the Croxley Green Parish Council Rangers tweeted they are aware of the encampment on the Green and that the district council is dealing with the situation.

The current condition of the site is unknown, but the council say they are continuing to monitor the site.