Human poo and around 160kg of litter were left behind when travellers were cleared nearly six days after they set up camp.

Around five caravans parked up at an encampment by The Green, Croxley Green, were cleared yesterday (August 12) since settling at the site from the evening of last Friday (August 7).

Police and enforcement agents were seen on site at around 2.30pm when some of the travellers started to leave.

The Croxley Green Parish Council have since issued maintenance workers at the site and set up a biohazard warning sign after finding remains of human poo and other litter left at the site.

Hillingdon Times:

A sign was set up to warn people of the 'biohazard' from the human poo.

James Townley, the grounds maintenance manager at the parish council, said: “There was approximately 160kg of litter and rubbish removed, plus whatever the cleaners removed.

“The only physical damage to the site was the broken access padlock and chain.”

Despite the physical damage to the padlock, it is believed that the travellers gained access by driving up the verge from the road.

Hillingdon Times:

The Green was being cleared up today (Photo: @CroxleyRangers)

While there is no official confirmation to how much the cleaning, repairs and maintenance will cost, the parish council estimates it could be around £800 as they compared it to a previous incident.

These costs would cover the cleaning contractor, council time and staff hours dealing with the litter and damages left behind.

The travellers were seen at the site for nearly six days, despite Three Rivers District Council advising the travellers to move on during the weekend.

Over the weekend, the council said that council officers worked to ensure proper welfare checks were undertaken.

A spokesperson from Three Rivers District Council said: "Three Rivers officers worked over the weekend to ensure the case was brought to court at the earliest opportunity as the travellers refused to move on without a court eviction order.

"The court heard the case on Tuesday morning and the travellers only left when faced with bailiffs and police."