People in Abbots Langley have said what they hope the new normal will look like.

The Abbots Langley Town Association (ALLTA) have released its results from an online survey where it asked people in the village about their experiences in lockdown.

The answer to each of the questions have been summarised in pieces of word art to illustrate the difficulties and benefits that the "new normal" brought to the community.

What do people want the new normal to look like?

People online answered that they would like to see more people engage with community groups, the environment in the area as well as take part in activities such as cycling, walking and singing in choirs.

Other people wrote that they would like to see more socialising in the future as well as continuing to enjoy a calmer pace of life.

Finally, people also wrote that they think the new normal will include people making healthier food choices, less driving and daily travel along with people choosing to buy from independent shops.

Hillingdon Times:

The "new normal" word art. Credit: ALLTA

What did people miss most?

When asked what they missed most about lockdown, people commented on the lack of human contact from family, friends and people centred activities such as singing in choirs, going to the theatre or to the pub.

Hillingdon Times:

Word art about what people missed most during lockdown. Credit: ALLTA

What did people appreciate most?

When asked what people appreciated most the association said there was an emphasis in the responses to the change to living a slower pace of life.

The peaceful environment with birds singing and lack of pollution also got repeat mentions. Finally, the opportunity to communicate through using platforms such as Zoom were also highlighted.

Hillingdon Times:

Word art about what people appreciated during lockdown. Credit: ALLTA

What do people want to keep from lockdown?

When asked what experiences they would want to keep having after lockdown restrictions , people said being able to appreciate the gift of time and space.

People in the village also said they wanted to keep the experience of enjoying the area and being out in the community.

Hillingdon Times:

Word art about what people want to keep from lockdown. Credit: ALLTA

The chair of the association Mary Charbel said: "I think it is amazing that these answers show a deep sense of sustainability on so many levels, socially, environmentally and economically.

"A greater commitment to staying local means that people shop locally, travel less and communicate with their neighbours more.

"Society responded to the threat of the coronavirus very swiftly, we know that we need to respond to the global threat of climate change too, and that will require individual and community action over longer timescales."