The rate of new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Hertsmere is on the rise again.

Government data published today shows 11 new cases were found on Thursday (September 17) and it was the third time in a week where daily positive tests reached double figures.

The weekly rate of cases in Hertsmere had dropped by almost half ten days ago, but the new figures have seen the rate, which is expressed per 100,000 population, climb sharply again to 46.0 – the highest in the south of England but 48th highest in the whole of England.

It is not clear yet whether the 56 cases identified since September 10, including the 11 on Thursday, are linked to the larger outbreak of cases which occurred in late August in Hertsmere.

A spate of more than 60 cases in late August and early September, linked by public health officials in Hertfordshire to several teenage house parties in the Borehamwood area, prompted Public Health England to list Hertsmere as an 'area of concern’'

This did not lead to any tighter lockdown restrictions for Hertsmere residents, but it does mean the government have been keeping a closer eye on the situation in the borough – and can step in and provide extra support if necessary.

Meanwhile, a government map updated daily detailing the wards where people testing positive live, has shown up a new hotspot.

Between September 10 and September 16, of 45 cases identified, 20 were people who live in Elstree & Aldenham - with five were in Hillside in Borehamwood, three were in Bushey Central, four in Potters Par Parkfield and the rest spread around the rest of the borough.

In early September, the hotspots for new Covid-19 cases were Bushey Heath, Radlett, and Brookmeadow and Cowley Hill in Borehamwood.

Monday’s map will give an indication of where the 11 people who tested positive on Thursday live in Hertsmere.

Hillingdon Times:

The dark blue is Elstree & Aldenham. Lighter shades of blue are areas where a minimum of three cases were found between September 10-16.

There have been known issues with access to coronavirus tests so the number of people with the virus is likely to be higher than the government figures suggest.

Since the outbreak in late August, councils, the emergency services, and public health officials have been out and about across Hertsmere, particularly at weekends, chatting with the public, warning them about the rise in Covid-19 cases as well as reminding them how they can stay safe.

Targeted action has taken place in Borehamwood, Radlett, and Potters Bar.

Hertsmere Borough Council said today: “Hertsmere is still an area of concern because of the number of Covid-19 infections in the area.

“We're out and about again this weekend reminding everyone how they can help keep our community safe.

“Wash your hands, keep your distance, wear a face covering & if you've been in contact with someone who's tested positive for Covid-19, self-isolate for 14 days.”

Data published by the Office for National Statistics shows two Hertsmere residents died in the week ending August 21 where Covid-19 appeared on the death certificate.

No Covid-19 deaths have been recorded since, although some deaths can take longer to be confirmed.

The next ONS data is due to be published on Tuesday.

As of 4pm on Sunday, the daily coronavirus government dashboard shows there are currently 37 patients in hospitals in the east of England, with two on a ventilator.