With reference to John Maguire’s letter headed ‘Ignorance of the Law’, in last week’s Watford Observer.

In all the correspondence relating to international law we read that people within the EU and the UK are incensed such as Ursula van der Leyden and five former British prime ministers, but we do not hear any comments from the world international court at The Hague. Why not?

Perhaps because the UK/EU agreement is only overseen by the European Court of Justice and not the higher one at The Hague. Yet that latter court is silent because perhaps the UK has not broken the real international law as determined by The Hague Convention.

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As the EU president pursues the UK using her ‘infringement procedure’ she must know that of all the nations who have broken real international law the UK is the smallest offender so critics should cut their own country some slack or is such defence outlawed by the wokes of this world?

Ron Pearse

Nascot Street, Watford