A former Apprentice contestant talks about his time on the show and how he wants his organic food business to become a "household name".

Harrison Jones, 31, from Watford, appeared on season 13 of the apprentice which aired in 2017. The former Bushey Meads pupil said he thought of the idea for his brand, Equals Health, after working in London for three years.

His organic food branch focuses on creating healthy food easy and accessible. He decided to apply for the Apprentice after realising he needed exposure and investment to kick-start his business.

The BBC reality TV show, where business men and women compete in challenges set by business magnate Alan Sugar to hopefully win an investment into their business.

He added: "It was challenging. You never know what is going to happen because they want to see how you'll react under pressure.

"We weren't allowed contact with the outside world and there were early starts and late nights. The whole process was crazy."

After 10 weeks, Lord Sugar 'fired' Mr Jones because it was a business he had no experience with.

He added: "One of the reasons that Lord Sugar didn't choose to invest was because it was a business that I had no experience with. Food wasn't something I was involved with previously.

"I hadn't even worked in kitchens and he tended to work with businesses that were already set up and established."

Mr Jones said after leaving the show he took advantage of his exposure to press on with his business. He said he eventually managed to find a business partner, who was also called Alan, to help with his brand.

He added: "I had to start from scratch. He definitely bought into the idea of healthy eating and had the same passion to try to create a household name.

"Obviously, it will be a long journey, but he was up for joining me on it, which is amazing."

Mr Jones said his brand is now a certified organised business that produces prepared organic meals via his website.

He added: "You really have to be driven and believe in your product and brand and love what you do.

"You also have to be prepared for late nights, financial and personal sacrifices and the ups and downs.

"But this is all apart of the journey."