A pub owner says he has seen a "new record" in the number of customers since reopening in the summer.

The Cart and Horses Commonwood, near Chipperfield, was among many hospitality businesses across the country that were given the greenlight to open their doors back in July.

Co-owner, Curtis Reynolds, 23, who runs the pub with his father, Ian, 57, said that the first week the pub reopened it was "slower than expected".

He said: "I think what we found when speaking to the locals was that they would come and visit once the initial rush was over. But that rush never happened."

Mr Reynolds said local people soon started to make their way back to the pub and praised the Eat Out to Help Out scheme which helped to drive in more customers.

He added: "It helped massively, and during August we were having a record number week. Apart from that, we did extra discounted prices throughout September, which helped to keep us going."

Hillingdon Times:

The pub garden. Credit: Cart + Horses

Mr Reynolds said that during the Government scheme there was one day where staff served around 400 customers.

He added: "For as long as I've been alive and kicking, I've not seen those kind of numbers recorded at the pub before.

"But we're very conscious of not letting too many people into the pub."

During lockdown the pub has also been running as a green grocers, fishmongers and butchers. He created a click-and-collect system where customers order online or over the phone.

Customers then received a time slot to come to the pub car park where staff would then deliver products in the boot of each customer's car.

He added: "We still are getting orders for the green grocers and we now have an online shop."

Mr Reynolds says because of this he is prepared for a second lockdown as their "infrastructures are already in place". Mr Reynolds also touched upon the 10pm curfew for pubs which was implemented by the Government last month.

He said it has impacted the business slightly but most of the pub's trade focuses on food rather than late night drinking.

He said: "We are very food orientated and I think for the type of business we are it has not impacted us too much. Compared to other pubs who rely on late night drinks past 10pm."