A MAN has been convicted following a fatal stabbing in Southall.

Gurjeet Singh Lall, 36, of Vine Cottages, St Mary’s Avenue South, Southall, attacked 69-year-old Allan Isichei after the pair became involved in a brief verbal row over Lall’s spitting in the street.

Lall was today (26) found guilty of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility.

Allan was a larger-than-life character with several grandchildren, who was well-respected in the community having lived in Southall for many years.

He had worked as a builder and later as a director of a building firm, and was an influential member at Wasps club, as a player in the 70s and 80s and then as a coach. He was also a saxophonist in a jazz band.

He was enjoying a beer and reading his tablet in the garden of The Plough pub in Tentelow Lane, Norwood Green, one Saturday in August 2019. He left at around 6.30pm and encountered Lall as he walked home.

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Lall was leaning against a wall and the pair fell into a brief verbal disagreement over Lall’s spitting in the street. Words were exchanged and. as Allan walked away, Lall spat on the ground again.

As further words were exchanged, Lall produced a knife and used it to stab Allan several times in a struggle in which the victim managed to disarm him.

Allan, apparently not realising how badly he was injured, got up and walked down the street before stopping. He then staggered to a neighbour’s address and rang the doorbell, pleading for help.

Paramedics were called and battled to try to save his life, but he died just before 8pm.

Police traced Lall to his home address after following a blood trail. He claimed he had been acting in self-defence but was later charged with murder.

Following a review of his mental health, he was deemed fit to stand trial and was subsequently convicted of manslaughter. Sentencing will be on Monday, December 14.

In a statement, Allan’s family said: He spent his time putting others before himself. He has been cruelly taken away from us - a pain we feel every day.”

Det Insp Jamie Stevenson said: “It beggars belief that a man could go to his local pub for a quick drink on a Saturday evening and not return home, but that is the terrible reality that Allan’s family have been left with.”